Federico Morisio is an Italian Professional Windsurfer that travels the world to compete, train and create high quality and valuable content.

Only 4 years ago Federico started chasing his dream and goals; and through commitment, determination, hard work and self-improvement, he's today an internationally recognised Windsurfer having won the international event IWT Pacasmayo Wave Classic 2017, being nominated "Most Improved Rider 2017" and finishing the International Windsurfing Tour 2018 in 4th place Overall.

His goals are to become an icon of italian and international windsurfing; a recognised athlete worldwide and a successful person known for his attitude, story, trips and achievements.

Federico loves working hard and toward an ambitious long term vision, believing that with the right attitude and mentality everything can be achieved.

Through all his trips around the world in places such as: South Africa, Hawaii, Chile, California, Peru, Morocco and many more, he's aiming to improve everyday as an athlete and person, and he's building an always stronger mindset towards sports, business and happiness.




@2016 Federico Morisio 

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